Apple loses TWO patent cases against Motorola in one day!

Apple has been firmly entrenched in the world of patent wars in the recent past. Samsung, the Korean electronics giant, has been the biggest subject of its wrath, and has had quite a few setbacks in the courts against Apple. The Galaxy Tab ban in Australia is a case in point.

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Motorola Mobility on the other hand, has turned out to be a far more worthy adversary to Apple in its patent wars. Developments over the last 24 hours have been far from positive for the juggernaut from Cupertino, as noted by FOSSPatents.

For starters, a German appeals court has ruled in favor of Motorola to continue its legal action against Apple to prevent the latter from using push notifications and iCloud. Apple had tried to proceed a motion against Motorola Mobility to stop them from issuing an injunction against the use of iCloud in iOS devices. This can set in motion a serious setback for Apple's platform, as the push notification system it uses is closely tied with the basic running of its devices. However, even in a worst case scenario, Motorola can only ban iCloud within Germany for the time being.

Apple has also had a serious setback in its proceedings against Motorola Mobility in the courts of the United States International Trade Commission. Apple had claimed that Motorola was infringing on three of its patents related to touchscreens. However, preliminary findings of the ITC court found no backing proof to Apple's claims.

Florian Mueller from FOSSPatents does add that this saga isn't going to end anytime soon. Apple is expected to take its patent infringement case to a US Federal Circuit Court sooner than later.


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