A Guide to Use the Verizon Personal Hotspot in the iPad for free!

A traditional issue with using personal WiFi hotspots for devices in America has been the fact that carriers crack down heavily on anyone using them without an approved plan. There have been plenty of tales of the likes of AT&T monitoring data usage to weed out the customers who use their mobile data plans as hotspots for their computers. The approved hotspot plans, on the other hand, have exorbitant tariffs, with the idea of preventing misuse of data usage by the carriers' customers.

Something that Apple chose to incorporate in its American devices, starting with the new iPad, is the ability to create a personal hotspot without explicit approval from your carrier. Or so is the case with the Verizon LTE version of the iPad at least. Getting to use a hotspot with the blazing fast speeds of LTE is undoubtedly a huge bonus for a customer. This article's about how to go about it.

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Initially, most Verizon iPads don't have a personal hotspot option in their Settings by default. What you need to do instead is to go into Settings, open General and finally, open Network. There, you need to toggle the Personal Hotspot option, which will make the same option appear directly within Settings as well.

Now that you have the Hotspot option within Settings, tap it. Before it gets activated, you'll have to go through some settings where you need to choose basic options such as your WiFi password. When that's done with, you can simply tap the Personal Hotspot button on. Do keep in mind that the Hotspot option is available for use through a cable and Bluetooth, should you need to save on battery charge, etc.

The option to use a Personal Hotspot with a regular Verizon data plan certainly helps you to save on some precious dollars that you'd spend on an additional Hotspot data plan. This may be just a temporary option before Verizon chooses to disable it (you never know how overboard users may go with their data usage), but for the time being, it's a great little touch that you can't miss out on.


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