3 Great Games for the iPad

Apple has done a remarkable job in attracting developers to its iOS platform. The incentives offered by the Cupertino giant, paired with the absolute lack of piracy (a far cry from almost every single other platform), make developing iOS apps (like games) a booming industry. Apple has been far from a slouch with its hardware efforts as well - the new iPad and the iPad 2 are considerably powerful devices in their own right. This article will talk about 3 of the best games you can get to make the most of your 9.7 inch iDevice.

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Infinity Blade

Gaming on the iPad literally starts and ends with this title. Epic Games certainly lived up to their name with this action RPG (Role playing game). It's telling that Apple itself chose to use the newest version of Infinity Blade to show off the new graphics engine of the the third generation iPad in their March 7 event. You fight your way through scores of enemies in your battle to defeat the villainous God King, and it sure is one hell of a ride!

Contre Jour

This is a game that stands out primarily for its artwork. The noirish monochrome settings make it rather akin to another famous game for the PC and Max OSX - Playdead Studio's Limbo, while the gameplay is quite similar to physics based puzzle games such as World of Goo. You take control of an orb called 'Petit', and try to collect all the lights in the screen, till you reach a final light. You need to play it to really know how vivid each frame is. Couple that with the new iPad's Retina display, and you have an absolutely gorgeous game in your hands.

Angry Birds Space

Rovio Entertainment turned the mobile gaming industry upside down with the unbelievable success of Angry Birds. Since then, they've come up with rehashed versions of the original, such as Angry Birds Rio and Seasons. But it's the latest iteration that truly changes the game completely. Your irate avian weapons now face up to the evil pigs in space, and you've got to take the lack of friction and uneven gravity in outer space in your stride in the process. Rest assured that you are going to be seriously addicted to this $2.99 game sooner than later.

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