Strange facts about Steve Jobs!

An FBI file on Steve Jobs was released on Thursday, which gave some details on a background check carried out on Jobs for a presidential appointment (1991) and due to a bomb threat against him (1985).

The background check was carried out by interviewing Jobs's friends and colleagues. There were some strange revelations about Steve Jobs according to those who were interviewed. One of them said that Jobs had a drug problem back in his schooldays. The use of LSD was admitted by Jobs himself. Some interviewers said that Jobs was untrustworthy. The report said, "Several individuals questioned Mr. Jobs’ honesty stating that Mr. Jobs will twist the truth and distort reality in order to achieve his goals."

Despite all this, the interviewers gave their approval for the presidential appointment, and he got the chance as well.

These findings are an off-shoot of some of the revelations that came in Steve Jobs's biography, written by Walter Isaacson. Most people interviewed by the FBI stated that even though they had personal reservations against some aspects, Jobs should be cleared for security to meet the president.

Some said that he had lost out on integrity due to his ambitions, and that he inclined towards dishonesty, if it served him in some way. One said that Jobs had been dismissive and abrasive. Another one said that Jobs was an exacting employer but "treated people fairly and was considerate of others problems and needs".

One colleague noted that despite the fact that Jobs was "not an engineer in the real sense, he understands base technology and technical jargon to the extent that he is an innovative force within the technical community, in terms of the contributions he has made."

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