iPad 3 to be released in a 'window of opportunity'!

A market analyst has speculated that Apple iPad 3's arrival will be in a window of opportunity which will be advantageous to Apple and will drive its market share gains. The window of opportunity will be such that at that time, there will be nothing significant being offered by competitors. This will lead to Apple gaining a lot of ground in the mobile industry.

Analyst Chris Whitmore expressed his views in a note to investors which said that its difficult to now draw  line between tablet devices and computers, because of iPad-like devices' popularity. The iPad, he explained, is not just a device for personal use. Its applications extend to medical technology, textbooks and even flight bags for pilots.

According to Whitmore, the new generation of iPad will sport a higher resolution display, a quad-core processor, Siri-based voice recognition and a graphic performance that surpasses the iPad 2's performance by a considerable margin. He believes that power performance will be better too. He said, "With other tablet vendors in disarray (shifting from Android to Win8), we expect the iPad 3 introduction to drive additional share gains in the mobile computer market,"

Data from IDC as well as Deutsche Bank estimates show that the market share in notebooks and tablets, occupied by Apple is currently 25 percent. HP follows behind and has a 12 percent share in 2011's fourth quarter. Lenovo and Acer both had 10 percent. 

Whitmore also said that he doesn't find any device currently in the market that even comes close to the iPad. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Asus's Transformer Prime have tried to come close, but eventually, all other tablet devices seem to be copying the iPad. Since these are Android-based tablets, Whitmore believes that the shift is now away from Android and more towards Windows 8. The upcoming launch of Windows 8 is being eagerly awaited, as Windows 8 will feature low-power ARM chips that are common in tablet devices. But he thinks that Apple has too much of a head start with the iPad 3, that Windows 8 will find it hard to catch up.

He wrote, "Win8 based hardware is unlikely to ramp in earnest until 2013. This leaves the window wide open for Apple to extend its lead in the market and drive substantial growth and profits going forward."

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