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Google's latest decision about its privacy policy is currently all over the news. Sixty Google services are going to be unified under one privacy policy and this has intrigued users and analysts alike. How can multiple Google services be serving one policy? How will data be integrated and protected on your Google services and how will it be shared among multiple services. Google users will have to see their data being shared among multiple Google services, but they have some control over how it is shared.
Now the first question is, how can you view the options that are available to you as a Google's services user? There is a Dashboard situated on the main Google account page where you can find all the information regarding your information that is associated with each Google service you've signed up for. If you have Android devices associated with your Google account, then that information will be available for you on the Dashboard.  You will find calendar information, contact details, history of your Gmail accounts and logs of your activities on Google Talk, Google Reader, Google Voice and others.

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There are several things you can edit here. But some things are not editable, such as what Android devices are set up with your account. Another tweak that can be done is that you can turn off the history record keeping of Google and this will enable your search queries not to be recorded by Google. You can turn off this setting by going to the privacy menu. Just go to privacy menu and scroll to the bottom and click on 'Go to Privacy Centre'. The new policy can be viewed here. You can also view the new policy by clicking on the link on the top of the page when you sign into your Google account. Now, you can click on 'Privacy Tools', go all the way down to the 'Web History Controls' and then you can stop, remove, or edit all your Web history. 
If you need to get rid of your Google Web history, just clear history from your browser as well as from any Google toolbars that you may have downloaded. Also, you can opt out of ad preferences by going to the Google's Ad Preferences settings and then you can disassociate your account from personalized ads. 
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