Wii U to arrive by Christmas!

Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo has made the announcement that the Wii's successor - Wii U - will arrive in the US markets by Christmas of 2012. Nintendo announced the Wii U at Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, last year in June. Now, the new gaming console is going to hit the market in the holiday season this year. According to Reuters, the home system will be available in key markets around the world such as Europe, Australia and Japan.

The exact date of the launch is not known right now. But the previous gaming consoles were released by Nintendo a few days (or weeks) before Black Friday. The cost of the console is not known either.

The upcoming gaming console by Nintendo, the Wii U belongs to the 8th generation of gaming consoles. It is 6th in line of Nintendo consoles. It's the first console to have a 1080p high definition graphics and also comes packed with a new controller. The controller has a touchscreen embedded in it. The purpose of the touchscreen is to enable players to continue the game even if the television is not switched on. Backward compatibility is no issue with the Wii U. It will be fully backward compatible with the Wii. Wii U games can be used with the Wii accessories. But the system will not be backward compatible with Nintendo GameCube system or accessories.

The upcoming Wii U has been designed keeping in mind the challenges and issues faced by its predecessor, the Wii. The Wii was thought to be for casual gamers and not hard core gamers. This perception needed to be changed. Thus, there will be structural changes in the Wii U and it will have better network infrastructure like its competitors; PlayStation 3 and the XBox 360.

It is speculated that Sony will announce a PS4 and that Microsoft will announce the XBox 720 in this year's E3 as a response to Wii U. 

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