What is Apple Announcing on Jan 19?

Apple is all set to host an event on education and academics at the Guggenheim Museum in New York on Jan 19, 2012. This is all we know as of now. As usual, Apple has revealed nothing about the scheduled event, leading many experts to speculate different things about the event. They only know that this event is related to education.

The Apple invitation reads like this, "Join us for an education announcement in the Big Apple." Many experts are of the opinion that Apple is not going to be announcing any new hardware at the event. The general expectation from this event is that Apple is going to be making its way into the academic and textbook market. This was speculated by unnamed sources in the New York Times.

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The very first hint about Apple's efforts in the education sector came from Steve Jobs' biography. The biography written by Walter Isaacson hinted that Apple is going to try to go around state certification of textbooks. It's going to try and give them away for free on the Apple iPad. The biography doesn't really suggest what type of a business model this venture would make for publishers, educational organizations or even Apple. However, is known that Steve Jobs had aimed to get textbook writers working for him to create interactive versions of their textbooks to run on the iPad.

It was reported by AllThingsD even before the invitations for the education-based Apple event were released, that the announcement will be related to iBooks which is Apple's online store for e-books. iTunes may also play a major role in the upcoming announcement which is also the online hub for university lectures and podcasts.

Skeptics do point out, however, that there have been no reports that no textbook publisher is currently working with iBooks or even the iOS and the Guggenheim Museum was the place where last year, Apple launched The Daily.

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