The Curtain Draws On CES 2012

To say that it was a huge event would be an understatement. There were over 20,000 products showcased by more than 3,200 exhibitors from around the world. The exhibition space occupied around 0.17 million square meters and this made CES 2012 one of the biggest events compared to the previous 44 years' worth of events.

Apple's absence from the CES 2012 was not felt much since too many products were competing with Apple and thus Apple's indirect presence was felt throughout the event. Many companies were selling Apple's product accessories and this also contributed to Apple's indirect but strong presence at Las Vegas. The San Francisco Chronicle said on its website, "It's now clear that one theme will dominate this year's International Consumer Electronics Show: catching up with Apple."

CES 2012
Image courtesy: flickr

This year at the CES, the buzzword was 'Ultrabook' - a term introduced by Intel last year as a response to Apple's Macbook Air. Now, companies like HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Acer have presented Ultrabooks as their latest line of laptops at the CES 2012. Indeed, this super light sleek laptop was the highlight of this year's CES.

The Ultrabook has been described by CNET (CES's official streaming media partner) as 'a Macbook Air running the Windows OS'.

At the CES 2012, the best smartphone to be showcased was the Nokia Lumia 900. The Lumia 900 is the brainchild of Nokia's collaboration with Microsoft. Noteworthy contenders to the Lumia 900 were Lenovo K800: the first smartphone which is powered by Intel's processor chip.

Where televisions are concerned, the Smart TV is here to stay. CES 2012 proved that the new trend will be towards more and more production of Smart TVs and many companies like Samsung, Lenovo, Hisense etc showcased their Smart TVs there. Lenovo's senior vice president, Liu Jun said that the new trend is the Smart TV and it will be replacing traditional television soon.

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