Style Guide for Android!

Matias Duarte is the man in charge of leading the Android OS user experience team. He's responsible for making Android perform well for everybody, a task which is not at all easy.

In an interview with, he said, "Designing an open mobile operating system —and doing it really well — that’s never happened before in human history. I’ve done the closed thing before. And I’d like to think I did it well."

The challenge currently faced by Android OS is that along with developing and updating their code, they have to cater for the third-party developers who create applications for Android-based mobile devices. This challenge has become even more tough with the latest release of Android : The Icecream Sandwich version. Currently, when the OS changes its version, application developers are forced to engineer their applications to work on the updated version and this wastes precious time. Android updates usually occur twice every year.


Image courtesy: flickr

To overcome this challenge, Google has launched Android Design, a website dedicated to making developing apps for Android an easier task. The website enables developers to visually learn how to incorporate elements in the OS pattern. This will bridge the gap between the third-party application developers and the Android team's thinking pattern.

Duarte adds, "We haven’t really had a style guide. We haven’t really given you a lot of guidance on how to migrate your application from a phone, perhaps, to a tablet. We’ve done so only by example."

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