Snapkeys Release 'World Record' App for Invisible Keyboard!

Snapkeys, the company behind 2i technology has recently released its groundbreaking app called 'World Record'. The app has been released both on Android Marketplace and Apple's App Store. The app aims to showcase the innovative technology behind it, and invites users to a challenge: that to break the world record for speed typing.

The main idea behind the app is that for traditional typing, the QWERTY keyboard is long and cumbersome. On touch-based devices, it is even worse. This is because the keyboard (an essentially input device) is not meant to be viewed (on an output device, that is, the display) and then used. Snapkeys worked to eliminate the need for tiresome typing on traditional keyboards and spent more than 10 years on the research behind this. The experts and researchers at Snapkeys have devised a new way for users to type data on their mobile devices and they call it 'the invisible keyboard'.

To encourage people from around the world to get used to the new style and interface of typing, they have released the 'World Record' app and this is the way people will get a feel of what 2i technology is all about.

Snapkeys has demonstrated the invisible keyboard idea at the CES and other events. Ryan Ghassabian, a business development manager at Snapkeys said, "We wanted to get rid of the qwerty keyboard, because all these technologies have changed, and qwerty is the only thing that hasn’t changed." He also explained that using the invisible interface is going to change the way people interact with their mobile devices today.

The Snapkeys keyboard consists of four areas to type on. Each area is depicted by a different symbol. The symbols are a single dot, two dots, a solid line and a circle. When users type a letter, they imagine how the character looks in order to hit the correct area. For example, to type an 'A', they know that the letter 'A' stands on two points and thus, the area denoted by two dots will be tapped. The letter 'I' is on one dot only so the single dot symbol's area will be tapped. For typing 'R', the user will see that the letter 'R' has a circle inside it, and thus, will tap the circle-depicted area.

Once the user taps the area, the software then uses artificial intelligence to predict which word/letter is intended. 

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