Skype Coming to Windows Phone!

Now Windows Phone mobile handsets will be shipped with Skype application. This was pledged by Skype at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 last week. The Vice President of Products of Skype, Rick Osterloh promised that the now Microsoft-owned Skype will be working on a integrating Skype application into a new version of Windows Phone as well as Windows 8 version and even XBox.

Facebook integration will also be taking place with Skype and this means that Skype application will enable users to access their Facebook contacts and chat with them as well as make calls. Thus, by providing their Facebook's login details to this application, users will be able to make Skype calls to a wider range of audiences and friends.

The Skype application was to be incorporated into Windows Phone by the end of 2011 according to Joe Belfiore, the Windows Phone head. But when this did not happen, rumors started spreading that Skype will not be shipped as an application to the Windows Phone, but will be built-in the phone platform. But now, the app is said to be available 'soon'. And it seems as if the app integration will be taking place later in the year. Microsoft is also planning to roll out the mobile OS 'Apollo' later in this year.

The move to integrate Skype into Windows Phone is a little bit  of a controversy, since Microsoft (even though owns Skype) has still not featured Skype into its Windows Phone platform. Mobile networks do not benefit much for VoIP based services like Skype. This is because Skype turns voice traffic into data traffic and this creates bottlenecks in the mobile networks. Osterloh says that Skype is focusing on convincing users to pay for premium services and is not focusing as much on free services at the moment.

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