Sensations that Rock This Phone!

At the Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas this week, one of the gadgets proudly showcased was made by a company called Artificial Muscle Inc. The concept was to create mobile devices that can actually deliver real sensations. Currently, mobile phones use simple vibration from motors. So whenever some action takes place on-screen during a game, say, the same vibration is felt again and again.

This company decided to change that and expand the range of vibrations and sensations that users can enjoy by using the phone. To demonstrate this, they used an Apple iPhone, and modified it. They modified the phone by adding their Vivitouch "motors" to the iPhone. The results were astonishing, as demonstrated by them in the CES 2012.

Interactive game on iPhone

Image courtesy: flickr

The device is capable of letting users feel the buttons they are pressing, quite realistically. The technology uses plastics as 'muscles' for realistic sensations. A simple ball-rolling game became much more interactive as the ball could be felt hitting the wall, and the phone vibrated (slightly) even when the ball was rolling along the ground.

Another part of the demonstration showed a hacked XBox, which vibrated in tune with a beating heart. So users holding the device could feel a 'throbbing sensation' very similar to a heart beating steadily. This device was also capable of producing the signature rumble of a Harley Davidson motorbike starting up and users could feel this rumble when they held the device.

Dirk Schapeter, the CEO of Artificial Muscle says that the new technology will enable users to have a 'high-definition feel'.

Artificial Muslce is owned by Bayer AG, a German chemical company and it is a spinoff from SRI International. SRI International is the company which produced the personal talking assistant on the iPhone - Siri.

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