RIM's 'Be Bold' superheroes not that bold!

Research In Motion hasn't had a good year. Their latest attempt to boost up sales of the RIM Bold smartphones came in the form of a graphic blog post featuring four characters. Apparently, these were the superheroes: Gogo Girl, The Achiever, Max Stone, The Adventurer, Justin Steele, The Advocate and Trudy Foreal, The Authentic. This formed the Bold Team.

Not surprisingly, the rather bold move generated quite a lot of ridicule. Most blogs did not take it well. Gizmodo's headline was "The new BlackBerry ad campaign Is proof RIM has entirely lost it" and the post read, "A company which is shedding customers quicker than the Costa Concordia lost passengers, seeing its stock price fall week-on-week, and drafting in replacement CEOs, you'd expect to put some effort into advertising. Obviously not. RIM Is completely out of touch."

RIM did not comment on the blog and some other blogs then cited that there were declines in RIM's market share among the youth. 

RIM is still going strong in the business community and its products are fairly popular outside the United States. The efforts to market their products more effectively to consumers were sped up as Thornsten Heins was appointed as CEO of RIM. He said that his aim was to focus on customers and then started looking around for a Chief Marketing Officer. Only four days later, the blog post featuring the Bold Team appeared. This appeared to many that the move is a new marketing step.

Image courtesy: photobucket

Jack Gold, an analyst at J.Gold Associates was a bit sympathetic. He said, "Until this is officially a RIM ad, it's a bit unfair to pick on them. Also, we are way too U.S. centric when we look at this stuff. There are many parts of the world where something like this would probably actually play well."

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