Record breaking Nokia Apps Download from Thai Universities

Thai universities are making their mark for generating top-downloaded apps on the Nokia Store. This is the result of a Nokia venture called 'Tap That App' that enables young Thai mobile application developers to develop Nokia apps and market them.

The program 'Tap That App' trains students and young professionals in Thai universities in Mobile Innosphere Centers set up by Nokia. This training center provides basic app development training, and then selects certain applications to feature on the Nokia Store online. These selected applications are available worldwide for download.

Grant McBrath, Managing Director of Nokia Thailand and Emerging Asia said, "As a leader in mobile telecommunications, we integrate cutting edge mobile technology with personalized services and foster a culture of innovation for consumers' benefits. We are extremely happy with the results of the new Thai apps we have seen so far on the Nokia Store, which shows competence of the young Thai developers, especially the fact that one app has reached over 100,000 downloads. We definitely look forward to more developments from them."

The most downloaded apps are developed in Assumption University, Chiang Mai University and Chulalongkorn Universities. These include an app called Watch Doggy which was downloaded more than 100,000 times from the Nokia Store. This app enables users to live stream from an IP camera, new IP cameras can be added as well as deleted. Currently running cameras can also be edited for viewing.

Other apps include MiniMatch: An image search game which have to be searched out in a scene and clicked upon, to complete the level. Tilt Blocks Gravity is a color-matching blocks game involves rolling the device to smash blocks and building up huge combos.

Another very useful app is called Check My Lung, and as the name suggests, it is used for diagnosing lung diseases and checking for healthy lungs.

All these apps can be downloaded from

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