New Resident Evil 6 to be Announced Today?

All indications are set for the new Resident Evil 6 to be announced today. There were a flurry of activity on the online front about this piece of speculation when many reports seemed to think that a new website which has gone viral is linked to the impending announcement.
The website ( which has gone viral now has some interesting and strange things. It shows a video in which a woman is hiding in her house, trying to stay hidden from something or somebody's threat. There are many biohazard signs all around the webpage and the website also features a blog entry that is titled 'biohazard sign'.
It is of course worthy of being pointed out that the in Japan, the Resident Evil series are called biohazard. The obscure website is also linked via its web domain to Capcom and through the advertisements posted at Vauxhall, London. Also, today's date (19th Jan, 2012) features there quite prominently. 

Resident Evil 5 Screen3

Image courtesy: flickr
Capcom is currently celebrating the 15th anniversary of Resident Evil series and an event to mark this will be held in Japan tomorrow.

So the question is, will Capcom announce the new release tomorrow? Or it's just a hunch and nothing else? It is already known that the first teaser trailer will be released today on the 5th Resident Evil movie series called Paul W.S. Anderson's Resident Evil: Retribution 3D. Another announcement (which we all know about) is that of the new Resident Evil compilation bundle called the 'Resident Evil HD Remaster Twin Pack'. This will include Resident Evil 5 Alternate Edition along with the remakes in HD of Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica.

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