Macworld kicks off!

The Consumer Electronics Show has one important stall missing - that of Apple. Macworld is the event in which Apple enthusiasts, users and developers showcase their products, prototypes and accessories. Macworld began on Thursday at San Francisco's Moscone Center. Some interesting ideas and products were as follows:

Sennheiser HD 800

$1500 for a pair of headphones? What exactly was so special about them? The HD 800 incorporates the almost patented 56-millimeter ring radiation driver, a curved sonic wave to aid hearing and a 40-mm coil. Also, it features a 42-mm magnet designed to give natural sound. The plugs of this headphone are gold-plated and come with high-precision connectors.

Tune-up App
The app is really useful for those who have a lot of clutter in their iTunes library. The app cleans up the library and gets mislabeled information fixed for audio such as 'Unknown artist'. It also gets rid of duplicate audio. The app is available for free on trial and the whole package is priced at $39.95 to get an annual license and $49.95 for a lifetime license.

Dance party with no music!
A dance party is held at Macworld but there is no music to be heard. A DJ is present on stage but what are the dancers dancing to? They are grooving to music from their headphones.

Macworld Pictures, Images and Photos
Image courtesy: photobucket

Polk Audio and the acrobats!
Polk Audio designed ear buds which would stay stuck inside the ear even if you jump madly about. They decided to prove this by hiring a couple of stunt men. So a snowboarder and a gymnast tucked the earbuds in their ears and jumped on a trampoline, while doing aerial stunts. The Polk buds were safely in their ears as the snowboarder performed various tricks with his board under his feet. The audience was thrilled, and shot videos from their iPhones through the show.

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