Live Wallpapers – Breathe Some Life Into Your Lock Screen

Jealous of your Android phone wielding friends because their lock screen wallpapers are animated while the one on your iPhone just stands there doing absolutely nothing? Well envy no more! There is an app that allows you to use animated wallpapers for your iPhone that looks just as great as those on Android devices, and that app is Live Wallpapers.

Live Wallpapers allow you to customize your lock screen by making it possible to use animated wallpapers, something that is not possible without the app. You can choose from the many different kinds of wallpapers that came with the app, like floating beer bottles, an animated spinning earth, and the ever popular Matrix-style green, falling characters. If you want to create your own animated wallpaper, you can do so by choosing a photograph from your camera reel and add your own effects to it, like falling snow for a Christmas-themed look, or falling confetti for other general holidays.

There are also other features of Live Wallpapers that is not in any Android device, the most notable of which is you can play a soundtrack to go with your lock screen animation. So not only will you get a moving wallpaper, you will also get treated to a bit of background music as well. But if you want your wallpapers to only be seen and not heard you also have the choice of turning the music off.

It is really a shame that the iPhone only allows very limited customization, you cannot even change your ringtones without doing a bit of hacking; but thanks to apps like Live Wallpapers, you no longer have to settle with the generic look and feel of your iDevice. Now you can actually make your iPhone your own.

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