How Windows 8 Will Improve Mobile Broadband!

With the huge expansion of mobile broadband subscriptions and networks, it is not surprising that Microsoft has outlined the improvements to mobile broadband services on devices that use Windows 8 operating system.

A blog post by Microsoft group program manager Billy Anders, says, "We looked at the fundamentals of wireless connectivity and re-engineered Windows 8 for a mobile and wireless future, going beyond incremental improvements. We knew that if we were to give you true mobility, that Wi-Fi alone would not be enough. Therefore, for Windows 8, we fully developed and integrated mobile broadband (MB) as a first-class connectivity experience within Windows -- right alongside Wi-Fi."

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 Windows 8 has the in-built capability of monitoring the mobile internet connections and how data is being used. These services are designed to help control costs. In Windows 7, users were required to search for drivers to connect their devices to the internet. The latest version of Windows has an integrated mobile-broadband class driver which is capable of working with multiple devices from several vendors. Thus, Windows 8 users will not need to install device driver software.

Billy Anders also wrote, "You just plug in the device and connect. The driver stays up to date via Windows Update."

Other design improvements in Windows 8, with regards to mobile broadband is that it enables local management of several functions within a mobile device. The functions such as turning on the radio and turning it off, as well as configuration of connection settings will be managed by Windows 8 OS.

The blog post hence also mentioned this enhancement. "Prior to Windows 8, you needed these applications to compensate for functionality not provided natively in Windows. This additional software confused and frustrated users by conflicting with the Windows connection manager, showing different networks, network status, and a separate user interface. Windows 8 eliminates this confusion by providing simple, intuitive, and fully integrated radio and connection management."

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