Hacker's Championship 2012 - By Facebook!

It's the next geeky thing to do. If you happen to love coding and think of it in your sleep, then this competition is for you. Facebook is now introducing the Hacker Cup Challenge of 2012, and invites all coders across the globe to take part in the challenge and prove their programming skills.

Facebook said this in a blog, "Hacking is core to how we build at Facebook. Whether we’re building a prototype for a major product like Timeline at a Hackathon, creating a smarter search algorithm, or tearing down walls at our new headquarters, we’re always hacking to find better ways to solve problems."

The challenge is open to every hacker on the globe. The competition is organized as follows. There will be five challenges to overcome. The first round is to be held on January 20, 2012 in which there will be a 72-hour qualification round. Programmers who get past this stage will be given three more programming problems to solve. Since it's a competition in which programmers will be competing against each other, the final 25 participants will be taken to Facebook's Headquarters in Menlo Park California to take part in the final round. This final round will be held on March 17, 2012.

The finalists will be reimbursed for their visa application fee but not for tickets/passport. All 25 finalists will be receiving cash/other prizes for getting this far, but the championship trophy will only be awarded to the winner. May the best hacker win!

In 2011, Facebook introduced the first Hacker Cup Challenge and the winner was a Russian coder Petr Mitrichev (also the winner of Google Code Jam, 2006). The second place went to Anh Tuan Mitrichev and third place went to Tancheng Lou.

If you're a serious hacker, don't forget to register for the Hacker Cup here, and look at some previous problems.

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