Gunfighters – A Game that Should be Shot on Sight!

There are some iPhone games that look good while if you are looking at their screenshots at the App Store but does not play as well as you hoped they would, such is the case of Gunfighters from 44 Software Studios.

The concept of the game is good enough, you're a lone gunslinger in the old west shooting your way to fame and glory; just like in your typical western. The cartoon graphics are not that bad, it almost seems passable at times with the cartoon-like representations of the environment and the characters. The only thing that really killed the game for me was the way the game played.

Here's a short lowdown of how the game gets played, you are given a top view of your gunslinger, so basically you get two concentric circles (the cowboy hat) with a short line protruding out from it (the six-shooter pistol). Now on your first couple of missions you are given standing targets, like crates and cacti, all of which you should endeavor to shoot down. Now you might think that shooting at non-moving targets would be easy enough, this is not the case with the game's concept on how to shoot a gun.

To shoot at your targets you have to flick your finger away from your target, which I believe is what the developers thought of when trying to emulate the pulling of a trigger. But flicking away from your target actually makes it harder to hit, which makes it for probably the worst targeting system in any shooting game of any platform ever.

Though Gunfighters only cost 99 cents, I think that it is still 99 cents too much for such a mediocre game. A game could get by with basic graphics as long as the gameplay is good, like Doodle Jump, but if a game has bad visuals and even worse gameplay then you should not even bother with it.

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