Game Book Adventures – A (Relatively) New Way to Read Books

What if you have a book where you choose what the hero does thereby affecting the entire story? Well if you were familiar with the choose-your-own adventure books that were quite popular in the early 90's then you are in for a treat because these same kinds of story books are now available for download for both the iPhone and the iPad, the Game Book Adventures by Tin Man Games.

There are currently six books in total in the whole Game Book Adventure series, these books are not your typical ebook where you just flip the pages while reading. Game Book Adventures give the reader a more interactive experience by letting you, the reader choose which course of action the hero will take. You will often find yourself choosing which paths to take, there is also an RPG element to these books as you will have to fight some enemies and pick up some valuable items and weapons in the course of the story. Basically, you have free rein on what will happen in the story so you have to rely on your judgment for you to get a happy ending.

The interface of these ebooks/RPGs are well thought of, from the parchment-like pages, to the beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, even the dice throwing aspect for fighting with the enemies are fun and easy to use. Though there are 6 books in the Game Books Advetures series, you can actually start reading any one of them, as there are no real connection between each volume.

So if you like reading fantasy novels but you would also like to add an additional dimension to your reading experience then you should definitely download your own copy of any one of the Game Book Adventures volumes.

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