Five Amazing Things Your iPhone Can Do!

If you own an iPhone 4S, then chances are that it knows what you need, even before you realize it. There are several extremely intuitive iPhone apps out there which can make you sigh with relief and relish their ingenuity. Here are the the five absolutely fabulous things your iPhone is capable of:

1. It can hide your real number!
Yes, you heard right. There is an app out there called RingShuffle, designed for the next person who annoys you. Simply download this app, get a free number which will forward calls to your iPhone. This is a temporary number - handy for use when the need arises, and once you've managed to shake off that annoying bugger, just change the number and you're good to go.

2. It can capture photos on the fly!
This is pretty useful because traditionally, one has to unlock the phone, click on the dedicated camera button and then snap a picture. This takes time. There is an easy way out with the iPhone 4S. Now you can snap photos by just pressing the volume (+) button, if you have the headset on. This will trigger the camera, and there you are. Perfect photos with on the press of a button!

3. It can save screenshots live!
If you're in the midst of playing a game and reaching an impossibly high score, what better way to show off to your friends than pressing the home and lock keys together, and saving a screenshot of your onscreen brilliance. This can also be done for laughable text messages, and then you don't have to save them because a nifty screenshot has already been captured!

4. You can get rid of AutoCorrect!
The most annoying thing while in the middle of some heavy texting is to constantly have AutoCorrect 'correct' your words as you tap them out. This can be prevented by going to the keyboard settings and entering your own shortcuts for words. Next time, text with a smile!

5. Listen to interesting conversations
By using the 5-0 Radio police scanner app, your iPhone 4S can tune into any available radio channel for policemen and you can have hours of fun, knowing what's going on.

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