Fara, a Different Kind of RPG

Just when you thought that RPGs for the iOS is only limited to hack and slash games, by chance you come across Fara by Pexel and Texel Games. At first glance Fara looks like your generic RPG from the early 90's, with rudimentary background music and the bulky and pixelated sprites, but that's where it all ends.

You play the part of a very confused, yet great looking archeologist that finds himself washed up on a strange island inhabited by various monsters and a very snide bunch of vikings, and to make thing worse there's a glowing... thing, stuck on your wrist that can talk, well actually most of the words coming from your unwary traveling companion are mostly insults, so yeah, this is going to be a long trip. Your mission apparently is to solve the mysteries of this mysterious island and hopefully find a way to get back home.

You can choose to control your character by either tapping on an area on the screen or by the use of an on-screen keypad, whichever one you feel comfortable using. The game design is actually very brilliant, considering that it was made by a relatively fledgling game design company. The background is brilliantly hand-drawn and the sprites, although pixelated, has a unique look to them.

Another thing that made Fara different from the other RPGs is that the story has a dark humor about it. You will rarely find villagers that are polite, more often than not you will get snide and sarcastic remarks from just about everyone you see, even the damsels in distress does not seem to appreciate the so-called “hero” of the game. These quirky little characters alone make the world of Fara well worth playing.

Despite not being an example of the great technological capabilities of the iPhone and iPod, Fara is still a worthwhile game you can play if you have nothing better to do.

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