Facebook Likes: The Extended Version!

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced it in September: the concept of 'frictionless sharing. This was first announced at the F8 conference last year and had raised quite a lot of eyebrows on the potential loss of yet more privacy by Facebook users.

The Timeline Apps have now become a reality. Also known as the Open Graph apps, they have made users' privacy even more vulnerable, but the options now are diverse and pretty interesting as far as public usage of social networking websites go. It's an extension to how people use Facebook to broadcast what they want and like.

The new service contains various different apps developed by companies such as Yahoo!, RunKeeper, Urbanspoon etc. These apps enable companies to have a deeper look into their users' interactions and real time updates. It's analogous to Spotify that broadcasts what music is being currently listened to by our friends. The new apps will ensure that now we will be able to know what our friends are cooking, what are they reading, what are they wanting, etc.

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Ticketmaster unveils its Facebook "Timeline App" at the Facebook launch event at 25 Lusk restaurant in San Francisco, California January 18, 2012.
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This is explained by Facebook as the new way users can express themselves on the internet. Now they can be whatever they want to be in an unrestrained manner. They can be ardent chefs, gardeners, foodies, movie freaks and more.

There are a few things Facebook users should keep in mind regarding the new apps. They will announce to the world (literally) what you're tagging. For example, if you love a particular brand of jeans, this information will be visible to your friends' News Feed, Ticker as well as on your Timeline profile. This should be kept in mind and you should probably select your friends accordingly.

Real time data is pretty important for the companies to map out how their users are interacting with products online. The products can be books, movies or anything. For the very social user, this will not be a cause for concern. But the average user should know exactly what is being shared with who; and in the case of Timeline, the data is being shared with companies in real time.

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