CES Best in Show Awarded to Novatel Wireless 4G LTE MiFi

Novatel Wireless has announced that it has been awarded the best of CES 2012 title, by in the category of Notebooks Accessories. The award has been given to the new Verizon Jetpack(TM) 4G LTE MiFi® 4620L Intelligent Mobile Hotspot. Novatel Wireless is the leading vendor of intelligent wireless solution.

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In mobile hotspots, the MiFi platform is the first of its kind. It is actually the first Intelligent Mobile Hotspot. This hotspot is a new kind of mobile broadband device that enables users to view a variety of content on their mobile devices easily. If the MiFi platform is combined with the 4G broadband, it results in a rather magnificent high speed internet access on the mobile device. The best thing is that it can be easily shared between users and also among devices. The devices shared can be up to 10 and must be Wi-Fi enabled. These include a number of devices such as laptops, gaming tablets, multimedia players etc. The MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot is an open platform therefore it can host multiple software applications and it is adaptable to the continuous mobile broadband evolution that is happening at a rather fast pace today.

Using the MiFi 4620L gives users high-speed mobile connectivity even when they travel because of the compatibility of the device with multiple international networks. The interactive display (OLED) lets users view the battery life, signal strength, number of devices that are connected, read text messages, see detailed information about their network, set the device's password etc.

The MiFi 4620L can also support GPS over the Wi-Fi; the first of its kind in mobile hotspots. Thus, applications can stream GPS (NMEA) services on the wireless network. Rob Hadley, CMO of Novatel Wireless said, "We are honored to have the latest in the 4G MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot product line recognized for its unrivaled speed, functionality, flexibility and convenience. This award highlights Novatel Wireless' ongoing commitment to delivering the most innovative mobile broadband solutions to our customers with a focus on performance, ease-of-use, added functionality and industrial design."

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