CES 2012: Samsung Unveils Super Thin Smart TVs!

Samsung joined LG in unveiling their sleek and ultra thin OLED Smart TV at the CES 2012 today.

Samsung's new ES8000 55-inch "Super OLED" Smart TV is powered by a dual core processor and can perform multitasking. OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode TVs are much lighter, use less power, give brighter outputs and are cheaper to make. Samsung aims to increase the screen size up to 75 inches.

This TV doesn't need a remote to run it from a distance. The ES8000 Smart TV can be voice operated and can recognize gestures and work on face recognition as well. Samsung Smart TV viewers can use their voice or their hands to perform various actions like switching on the TV, opening applications and searching.

This ends the monopoly of Microsoft's Kinect on gesture-based commands.

Samsung Electronic's President (in the US) Tim Baxter said that the new 3D Smart TV will consist of one 'smart hub' for content, apps and search, as well as a camera. The user will be able to configure his/her apps when the TV's connected.

Samsung D9500 - 75" LED 3D TV

Image courtesy: flickr

Samsung's Smart TV's sales have topped 12 million around the world and this has led Samsung to believe that 3D Smart TVs are here to stay. They are in the process of developing a library of 3D content to go with the 3D Smart TVs. Baxter also claimed that nearly 20 million Samsung apps have been downloaded globally.

Samsung has included an assortment of 5000 movies and TV shows on its media hub in the USA which also include an Angry Birds on-demand channel. The ES8000 will be launched with different video-on-demand services according to local content in other parts of the world. Samsung is also planning to offer an exclusive interface for kids, fitness programs and Family Story - a program that organizes the whole familys' photos and slideshows.

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