CES 2012: Major Mobile Push Anticipated for Intel

It is being speculated that in the upcoming CES 2012, Intel is all set to showcase its smartphone customers as well as display a Windows 8-based tablet featuring the all-new Atom processor chip called 'Clover Trail'. This was leaked by a source close to the company. The Intel Inside smartphones are set to ship in the beginning of 2012 and Intel has already released a smartphone with another low-end processor chip, called 'Medfield' and Google's Android OS. The speculation now is, that more such devices will be featuring in the tech extravaganza next week at Las Vegas.

Intel has been experimenting with smartphones for quite some time now, but its recent attempt with Linux based MeeGo didn't go too well. Nokia left the collaboration and now Intel has turned to supporting Android OS.

It's being predicted that Intel will also concentrate on tablets because Dell and HP are backing Windows 8 OS and thus will showcase a tablet of their own. This tablet will be running on the upcoming 'Clover Trail' Atom processor and this would compete with Windows 8, as it could be embedded in tablets around the same time that Windows 8 will be released. Clover Trail follows Oak Trail, which is being used to power up mostly business tablets.

Dean McCarron, Principle Analyst at Mercury Research said, "You have to look at what's been going on with Atom and presence in non-PC computing space, whether it's tablets or phones -- it's evolutionary. We're definitely seeing the stage set."

McCarron also believes that the push for a mobile processor will have a serious competitor in terms of ARM which has a strong hold over the tablet and smartphone market. This competition will result in chip makers Nvidia and Qualcomm to showcase tablets featuring ARM processors and supporting Windows 8 OS at CES 2012.

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