CES 2012: Linux-based TV launched!

Ubuntu, the open source Linux distribution has integrated TV and movie content to create Ubuntu TV, which has been made by British firm Canonical. Ubuntu TV is free and open source and Canonical hopes many manufacturers will integrate it into their upcoming TVs and smart TVs.

Ubuntu TV II
Image courtesy: flickr

This announcement joins other smart TV announcements made on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012, which kicks off Monday morning at Las Vegas. Combining the traditional functions of television with internet capabilities and functions is the new trend that has been taken by other companies too. LG, Samsung and Sony have all joined this effort and at the CES, all of them are speculated to reveal their televisions' combination with Google TV's updated version. This effort will bring internet capabilities to television such as TV on demand through YouTube or iPlayer by BBC, social networking capabilities and lots more.

Gerry Carr wrote this on the Canonical Blog, "Ubuntu TV is a vision of how TV will work in the future. With no cables, no boxes and no hassles, the goal is to uncomplicate television for the average viewer while delivering to him or her all the services and options that they are becoming used to."

Canonical has also revealed that they have integrated smartphones with Ubuntu TV. The smartphones must run on the Android OS, Ubuntu itself or Apple's iOS. One of the key buzzwords expected to be heard at the CES 2012, is 'second screen'. Canonical explains that the new service will be able to "link phones or tablets to Ubuntu TV, presenting related content to viewers while they watch. [It can] provide information on movies by the same director, for example, or the reaction on Twitter during live shows - without any distraction from the action."

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