Asus bringing Kinect to laptops?

Asus seems to have taken the step which Microsoft announced in its plans for the Kinect device. Recently, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, Microsoft announced that it's bringing Kinect technology to the PCs and laptops. Asus has brought forward two prototype laptops that seem to do just that.

The Daily has reported that these two prototype laptops by Asus 'appear to be netbooks running Windows 8' and they have the Kinect sensor above the LCD, where one usually finds the webcam. The screen's bottom panel consist of several LEDs, but it has not been figured out what these LED's purpose is.

The laptop have brought forward a strange question. Analysts wonder whether it is feasible to be moving around, jumping, using the legs etc. in front of the laptop.

The Kinect for Windows SDK beta version was released last year and it is compatible with any XBox 360 sensor. Microsoft released this in June 2011. But the official version is about to be release on Feb 1, 2012, which is this coming Wednesday. This version is not free, though. Analysts say that the official Kinect for Windows is fairly overpriced at $249. The Kinect for XBox is priced at $149 and this price gets significantly lowered when users buy the same device through Amazon or other online resellers. The Kinect for laptops is already a strange idea.

Think about it. Using the Kinect means that the users have to stand back several feet and their gestures may not be captured sometimes. Standing several feet away from a laptop doesn't make any sense because it wouldn't be easy to see the display clearly. It's a lot different when users are standing in front of large displays and then controlling in-game characters on screen with their actions.

In any case, it remains to be seen whether the Asus prototypes take off beyond this stage and actually enter the market or not.

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