Apple's Siri leads to double data usage!

The hugely popular Apple's voice recognition software Siri lead to iPhone 4S users to double the data usage as compared with the previous handset. This has lead to a great pressure on operators' ends, the network firm Arieso has said.

Arieso, an Atlanta-based company's Chief Technology Officer, Michael Flanagan has said in an interview, "Voice is the ultimate human interface. Voice recognition is prompting consumers to use their smartphones’ functions more often."

Siri is a virtual personal assistant feature on the iPhone 4S and it contains artificial intelligence algorithms which enable the users to write texts, schedule appointments and the like. The firm Arieso revealed that they determined the data usage stats within a single European network, and that it was 1 million subscribers (or more). They didn't reveal the name of the network. This doubling of data usage places additional strain on operators because faster networks have to be rolled out to cater to the huge data demand.

It is believed that regular synchronization of Apple's applications on the iPhone to the website has resulted in the massive over-usage of data. According to Flanagan, Arieso's findings indicate that a very small percentage of users have downloaded half the data. Only 1% of heavy users downloaded half of the entire data volume. This shows that "the hungry are getting hungrier."

To counter this massive data usage, mobile operators have begun to take steps to protect their networks from crashing due to heavy traffic. Notable examples include Vodafone, one of the largest mobile phone operator in the world, which has started billing its customers based on their consumption of data.

Arieso has also reported that users of BlackBerry smartphones (such as Bold Touch), download nearly 20% of the data compared to the data downloaded by an iPhone user. Possible reasons may be that RIMM compresses data, and BlackBerry users are primarily businessmen/women whose main priority on the mobile world is email.

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