Apple Reveals: iBooks 2!

Finally, Apple has revealed what it was planning for so long: A digital textbook service called iBooks 2. This is cited to be a 'new textbook experience' for the iPad. The press event took place at the Guggenhiem Museum, New York where Roger Rosner, Vice President of Apple said, "Clearly, no printed textbook can compete."

Apple has also announced a free app for self publishing e-books called iBooks Author. Additionally, the iTunes U app is revamped to include online courses and has support for instructors posting messages and course outlines for their students. 

Just before the textbook publishing service was announced, the senior Vice President of Marketing (international) Phil Schiller said that the current state of textbooks is not impressive. Textbooks today are not portable, searchable, recent or interactive, he noted. He said, "We want to reinvent the textbook." He pointed out that there are more than 20,000 education-based apps for the iPad and there are more than 1.5 million iPads that are used in schools.

Apple showed off some impressive videos of the way this textbook service will work. You will be able to find keywords from the text, ask questions instantly and receive answers, have pop-ups to write notes on and instant study cards. Rosner described iBooks 2 as the service which will offer "super-fast, super-fluid navigation."

The iBooks Author app will enable any author to use his own imagination or Apple's designed templates to create textbooks. Authors will be able to compile their text, audio, images and videos into one interactive book form, made easier by using the iBooks Author app.

Schiller said that the iBooks 2 will be offering textbooks on all subjects, and high school books will be priced not more than $14.99. A number of publishers were involved in the project with Apple, including Pearson and McGraw-Hill.

Image courtesy: Apple

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