Anonymous Strikes Again!

The hactivist group Anonymous have retaliated again. They attacked several key websites of the Unites States (such as the Justice Department) recently after the arrest of executives of file sharing service Megaupload. The latest wave of attack was targetting, and it succeeded pretty well.

Today morning, users of unknowingly participated in the distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks on the website via Anonymous's tool called Low Orbit Ion Cannon. Thus, the whole of CBS website was inaccessible by users. Initially, it was thought that's root access has been acquired by Anonymous because it appeared that the website's directories and files have disappeared.

But later on, it was found out that the hactivist group had made use of a method called DNA poisoning which means that users are redirected to other web servers when they try to access the site under attack.

A Twitter user @jermiahfelt tweeted this, "Anonymous did not take down #CBS .com ; the IP for their web host changed from to & 37; looks like poisoned DNS." Users who tried to access this morning got directed to a page where just a single file (foundry.html) was shown in a directory. Any access to other subsites resulted in a 404 Not Found errors. The whole of went offline for around 20 minutes. 

Anonymous's other target was Universal Music. The site came under attack for the second time this week. Also, Vivendi which owns Universal Music Group also came under attack and remained offline since 2pm (PST). 

Questions are being asked as to what will happen next. The hacktivist group is firm on their resolve. They have pledged to attack key websites and keep on attacking them if the file sharing service Megaupload isn't back online in three days. Anonymous's threatening message is in the form of a video and was uploaded three days back. But according to the video, Facebook and YouTube were also in the list of attacked websites, and so far (thankfully) that hasn't happened. Take a look.

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