Amazon Goes Back to 'NoSQL' Database!

Amazon is again behind the 'NoSQL' movement. The basic idea is to construct another type of database meant for 'unstructured' information. The unstructured information is the one which is the result of the internet expanding like crazy every day. The 'NoSQL' database was introduced by Amazon around five years back and was called SimpleDB. Now, Amazon is giving the service another chance and its now named DynamoDB.

DynamoDB is one of the several web services offered by Amazon (AWS or Amazon Web Services). These are a collection of web tools that give users access to virtual servers, virtual storage and databases. The Amazon Web Services CTO Werner Vogels said in a blog post "Amazon DynamoDB is the result of everything we’ve learned from building large-scale, non-relational databases for and building highly scalable and reliable cloud computing services at AWS. [It] is designed to maintain predictably high performance and to be highly cost efficient for workloads of any scale, from the smallest to the largest internet-scale applications.”

Oracle database is an example of relational database, and NoSQL databases like the DynamoDB are opposite that. In relational databases, data is saved in rows and columns and it will only run on one machine by design. It can be extended to multiple machines though. A NoSQL database stores data in a more flexible way and can be easily scaled across multiple machines.

NoSQL databases have been used by big internet companies like Google and Facebook for their web operations. But Amazon's DynamoDB can be used online by users and this is what makes it stand apart. Users can use DynamoDB without installation of any software and when it was announced, Vogels said that one can use DynamoDB and scale it up or down exactly as if one is turning a dial.

Image courtesy: renjith krishnan

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