A Taste of Apple!

Apple never ceases to amaze its users. And its employees are no exceptions. The company already offers a selection of perks to its employees. Apple employees can get tuition fee assistance, they can access the latest Mac gadgets and also get an amazing cafeteria, reserved just for them. The taste of being an Apple employee is about to get even more sweet. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has announced that a country-wide town hall will offer some cool gadgets and gizmos to Apple employees on a healthy discount.

Now, Apple employees will get new Macs with $500 off, and $250 will be struck off new iPads. The only condition is that the employees who can avail this opportunity should have been employed at Apple for at least 90 days and the deal can be availed once in three years. The current discount for Apple employees on Macs is 25%, hence $500 off them is a pretty neat deal. This discount, however, does not include the Mac mini, and this is understandably so, because the Mac Mini is priced around $569.

The new perks have been announced just after the best report of its earnings ever by Apple was released on Wednesday. Apple had announced that it has earned a record $38.85 billion in the biggest quarterly report of its history. Indeed it is a big report as the company has doubled its profits as compared to last year. In this  quarter, Apple has sold 37.04 million iPhones which is an increase of 128% compared to the same period in the previous year. It has also sold 15.43 million iPads, which has seen an 11% increase in sales.

Tim Cook's email to his employees read as follows:
"Thanks to everyone's hard work, we're off to a great start in 2012. Last week in New York we launched a groundbreaking initiative for education with iBooks textbooks, and today we reported the strongest quarter in Apple's history."

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