Wonderful Days – An Innovative Way of Keeping Track of Your Daily Life

With the new year looming just around the corner and lots of people are now thinking of keeping a diary or journal to document every day that passes... or just in case the Mayan calendar was right and that the world will end by December 21, at least the survivors will learn about how you spent your last days here on earth. While some people like to keep an old school paper and pen journal, there are some that like to use their iPhones as their keeper of records. And if you find yourself in the latter group of people, then you would probably like to use Wonderful Days for the iPhone and the iPad.

Wonderful Days is not just a simple text-based journal, you can also include pictures, sound bites, and even locations into your daily entries. It is more like a scrapbook that you can update on a daily basis.

What's so great about Wonderful Days is that you can customize the look of your diary pages; you can choose the background, the type of virtual paper you will write on, you can also choose from different fonts you write your entries with. And if you want to, you can also share your daily journal entries on different social networks, so it also acts like a personal blog of sorts.

The reason why many people start writing journals but get tired of it after a while is because they get bored by the monotony of it all, but with Wonderful Days you will actually find yourself wanting for the day to end so you can put in a new entry for the day, it actually makes keeping a diary fun!

So if you are thinking of starting a diary for the new year, why not go digital and download the Wonderful Days diary/journal app for the iPod and the iPad?

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