Winter Wake Up – Hibernate in Peace

Wintertime's here and besides the holidays there are other days that make people both young and old smile, snow days. Snow days mean there's no school and no work, so you can just stay in between the sheets where it's warm. But wouldn't it be better if you did not have to wake up early, take a shower, and have your first cup of coffee only to find out that the weather has taken a turn for the worse? Well thanks to a handy app called the Winter Wake Up by Boondoggle, your iPhone's alarm will let you sleep in if there is a snow day.

The Winter Wake Up is an alarm clock app that monitors the National Weather Service's website for forecasts in your area so it will trigger the alarm in accordance with the weather. You can set the alarm to wake you up earlier if there was a bit of frost or snow during the night so you will have some extra time to shovel the driveway and remove most of the ice covering your car. And if the weather was really bad, enough to warrant the announcement of a snow day, then it will not even bother waking you up.

To use the Winter Wake Up app, you just need to enter your area's zip code and you are all set. Unfortunately, this app is far from perfect as it only monitors the feeds coming from the National Weather Service and not the announcements from the local government, so there is a chance that your school or office will not agree with your decision to just stay home the whole day. But even though you are running the risk of getting punished for being absent on your self proclaimed snow day, the Winter Wake Up app is still useful somewhat.

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