Touch Typing at its Best – The Touchfire Keyboard

If you have ever tried using the iPad's virtual keyboard for typing documents then you probably know that it is a bit of a hit and miss affair. Though typing using an onscreen keyboard is undoubtedly cool, it is quite easy to press the wrong letters. Though there are quite a lot of keyboards out there that you can plug in to the iPad, they are kind of bulky and hard to carry sometimes. But there is one iPad keyboard that you do not have to plug in, and fits perfectly inside any iPad carrying case, the Touchfire iPad keyboard by Kickstarter.

The Touchfire is an ultra-thin flexible keyboard that rests perfectly on top of the iPad's on screen keyboard, and it stays put thanks to magnetic clips on the sides. It provides the perfect amount of resistance that will actually give you the sensation of typing on a real keyboard, now you can rest your fingers on top of the keys without triggering the touchscreen. And if you need to take a break from typing, and need to use the entire screen of the iPad, simply fold the Touchfire down and attach the magnetic clips to each other.

You can stow the Touchfire directly on the iPad's protective cover using its built-in magnetic clips, without adding too much bulk to it. And because it is so thin and flexible, you need not worry about adding any extra weight or bulk.

Typing on the iPad does not need to be such a drag. By using the Touchfire iPad keyboard you can type a lot faster since you do not need to hit backspace so much thanks to wrong key presses. The Touchfire comes in two colors, black and white, and you can get it through the official website of Kickstarter.

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