Top Tips for Responsible Siri Usage

Siri is probably one of the coolest things ever to hit the smartphone arena, it can also get really annoying, really fast if you use it without any regard for the people surrounding you. It's easy to look like a jerk showing off his hi-tech new phone when you use Siri, so in order for you not to get annoyed stares from people, here are some tips on how to use Siri tactfully.

Tip No.1 – Hold the Phone to Your Ear

Though the people in the iPhone 4s commercials are speaking to Siri aloud using the speakerphone function, that does not mean it's the only way to use Siri. You can actually just raise the iPhone to your ear and speak in a softer voice. Doing so will also save you from embarrassment if Siri gets the answer to your question wrong.

Tip No.2 – Remember the 10-foot Rule

The 10-foot rule applies to talking on the phone in general. If there are people within 10-feet from you then you should not use Siri at all. If you have to use Siri then just leave the room, this will prevent other people from seeing you as a showoff-y jerk.

Tip No.3 – Just Use Your Fingers and Tap (duh!)

Just because the iPhone 4s has Siri it does not mean that it lost its touchscreen capabilities. If you are in a crowded place like on a bus or train, or standing in line at the grocery then just use your fingers and tap on the screen when composing your messages. The other people will be really thankful if you do.

Hopefully, these simple tips will help you become a more respectable Siri user. Remember that just because your iPhone 4s has an innovative voice recognition program it does not mean you have to show it off to the world.

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