Tips for Beginners – Additional Ways on How to Navigate Through Your iPhone/iPad Homescreens

If you're new to using the iPhone or iPad then probably the only way you know how to switch between home screen pages is by swiping across the screen towards the left or right. Though it is relatively easy to swipe at the screen, it can get a bit tiring if you have more than ten pages of icons to browse. Well you do not need to worry about straining your thumb; there are actually two more ways you can browse through the home screens without the need for dragging your fingers.

Method 1 – You can easily browse through the pages just by tapping on the lower corners of the icon groups, or the space in between the regular icons and those placed on the dock. This method is a bit tricky when using an iPhone because the space in between the icon and the dock is a bit on the small side.

Method 2 – This method is also a bit easier on an iPad than on the iPhone because of the difference in screen size. You may notice the small dots and the tiny magnifying glass icon above the dock, this tells you how many home pages you have created and on which page you are currently on (the greyed out dots are the other pages, the bright white one is the current). To browse through the home pages you just need to tap either on the left or on the right of the bright white dot.

So if you are adverse to the time-honored method of swiping your fingers across the screen to navigate through the countless numbers of icons in your home screens, then these other two methods will surely be more to your tastes.

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