Tiny Towers Review

Tiny Towers by Nimblebit is a skyscraper building simulation. The game plays out like this: you build up floors and either place commercial establishments or residential spaces for your tenants or Bitizens as they are called. Sound simple enough, right? But you would be surprised at just how much of your free time will get sucked in by this game.

You first start out with just the building lobby, as you progress through the tutorial you will build your first apartment floor and a restaurant. You will learn how to place new Bitizens into their new homes and you also actually give them jobs. So as you can see, you are more than just the building superintendent, you actually control the lives of your Bitizens (cue evil laugh).

Now as your tower's own demi-god, you are responsible for keeping your netizens happy. You need to give them jobs, so that they can pay their rent of course, and you also need to give them some recreational facilities to prevent them from becoming mindless corporate robots. Once you start playing the game you will definitely find yourself checking in once in a while at your tower to see what's been happening since you were away. Yes, your Bitizens will continue living their own little lives even if you close the game.

This game is truly addictive, more than watching your Bitizens scurrying through the floors, there is always a little something that you need to do every time you open the game; there is always someone who wants to go up the elevator or a store that needs re-stocking.

Tiny Towers proves the point that games do not necessarily need to have fancy 3D graphics for it to be a fun game; all you need is the ability to control and manipulate the lives of little 2-dimensional people.

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