Superman for iOS – The Man of Steel Does it Again...

Superman, despite his awesome reputation, has never been featured in a really great game. In fact, all of the previous Superman games in the different game consoles of the past all have one thing in common; they all had something lacking. But will Chillingo's Superman for the iOS finally be the first good game featuring the Man of Steel? Well don't get your hopes up.

Superman returns in this new game for the iPhone from one of the best iOS game developers, Chillingo. You might think that with the reputation that Chillingo has this new Superman game would be awesome; it is kind of a letdown really. As the game begins we learn that Lex Luthor has a new plan for taking over the world and he is starting with the city of Metropolis. Learning about this new plot of his arch-nemesis, Clark Kent sheds his disguise of being a mild mannered news reporter and puts on the famous red and blue spandex and tries to save the day.

One of the first thing you will notice about the game is that there is a little red and blue splotch in the middle of the screen, but if you squint your eyes and tilt your head slightly to the left you will notice that it is actually Superman himself! The game is simple enough; you can use all of Superman's powers like heat vision, flight, super strength, and others to save the citizens of Metropolis from Luthor's minions. The game play is a mix of tower defense and old-school arcade beat 'em ups, but after playing it a couple of times the game gets really boring, really fast.

So quite unfortunately, Superman for the iPhone is still not the great game that the Man of Steel deserves, so I guess we still have to wait a bit longer.

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