Sincerely Ink – For Easy and Beautiful Christmas Cards

Remember back in the old days when it took quite a bit of effort just to create and send out Christmas cards to your friends and relations? You had to go to the printer's and have your photograph developed, go to the card maker's to have that picture turned into a Christmas card, and then you had to go to the post office to have them sent out. It took so much time and effort just to give your season's greetings to the people you love. But now there is an app that can make the entire Christmas card making process a whole lot simpler, the Sincerely Ink app for iOS devices.

When you open the app, you are greeted with a shelf that features dozens upon dozens of cute Christmas card designs, unfortunately they are all postcard style cards, but they are still great looking nonetheless. Once you choose a design you can then add your own personal touches, like type in your messages, and add your Christmas card photograph. You can even put black and white or a sepia tone filter to your picture for an added effect.

Once you have finalized the look of your card you can send them to the recipients from within the app as well. You can add recipients by manually typing their names and addresses, or you can import them from your device's contacts list. Each card will cost around $2, but if you order by bulk you can get them for as low as $1.69 each, including postage. You can pay for your purchases either by credit card at checkout, or by creating your own account and then purchasing credits.

Thanks to apps like Sincerely Ink, you are now spared from all the hassles that were once connected to making and sending Christmas cards every year.

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