Paper or Plastic? A Quick Look at Bag It!

Yes, it's official; everything can be turned into an iPhone game, as there is now a game inspired by grocery bagging. Bag It is an iOS game that takes the mundane task of bagging groceries and makes it marginally fun.

Developed by the good people of Hidden Variable Studios, Bag It requires you to strategically place each grocery item inside a paper bag; it’s like Tetris but with milk cartons, oranges, and other regular groceries. But just putting the heavy stuff on the bottom and the lighter ones on top does not pose much of a challenge for most gamers so there are other conditions you need to fulfill as the game gets progressively harder. Challenges like crushing a certain number of grocery items by stacking other items on top of it, and other quirky challenges that will get a real world grocery bagger fired from his job.

Surprisingly enough, Bag It really seems like a fun and enjoyable game. The graphics are vibrant and cartoony, and the faces on the grocery items are also quite fun to look at too (I especially like the banana with her flirty eyelashes). You also get some pretty unusual bonuses while playing the game, like when you put two melons side by side you would get extra points for having nice melons, so yeah you might not want little kids to play this game just yet.

Who would have thought that a mundane task like putting groceries in a bag could be so fun? If you want a new game to help pass the time then Bag It by Hidden Variable is a great choice. It is available in the App store for just $0.99 and the developers promise that it will have Game Center support by the next update of the game.

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