New iOS 5.0.1 May Hold the Key for Getting Siri on Older Devices

Non- iPhone 4s users rejoice, for a new ray of hope has come. It is possible to port Siri, the voice controlled personal assistant currently available on the iPhone 4s to older devices like the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3Gs. Before, the only way you can get Siri to work on older devices is to pirate some system files from the iPhone 4s, which is obviously illegal. But now with the new iOS 5.0.1 update it is now possible to get the necessary system files to port Siri into older devices, without violating any of Apple's copyrights.

MuscleNerd, a prominent figure in the jail breaking arena, has said in a recent post in Twitter that the new iOS 5.0.1 revision includes non-encrypted ram disks, basically it is the first time that main filesystem keys can be obtained legally.

There have already been several ways that Siri can get ported onto non iPhone 4s devices, all of them are either illegal or impractical to use. If you want to run Siri on non-4s devices you will need a key that serves as a unique identifier, which needs replacing every 24 hours lest Apple detects it and kills your ported Siri. There have been lots of speculation going around in the jailbreaking community, like maybe the update was rushed somewhat, or maybe Apple has a more sinister intention in mind. Some jailbreakers say that this might be a ploy to get information about the iOS 5's weaknesses and do something about it before releasing the much anticipated iOS 5.1 update.

Now whether there is some kind of hidden agenda at work, it is still a comforting thought that even those who do not have the latest iPhone 4s has a slight chance of getting their own virtual assistant, at least for the time being.

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