New iBooks Version Finally Has a Night Theme

Most people like to read books right before going to bed, and thanks to apps like iBooks for the iOS devices you no longer need to turn on a lampshade to start reading. The only drawback about iBooks is that the screen is too bright for nighttime reading, the white screen can put quite a strain on the eyes in low light environments. But this is now just a thing of the past, in the new version of iBooks there is now a nighttime mode for easy reading at night.

The new Nighttime Reading theme in the new iBooks version 1.5 does away with the bright white background, it replaces it instead with a black background color and slightly greyed out texts. This configuration is a lot easier on the eyes when reading your favorite books when the lights are out. To access this new feature in iBooks v1.5 you just need to click on the font formatting button and select the Night theme.

Besides the night theme other great improvements in the new iBooks version is the full screen mode for the iPad, new classic covers for public domain books, and additional fonts for your reading pleasure. Thanks to the new full screen mode, you will no longer be distracted by the status bar on top of the screen and just focus on what you are reading. You can access the full screen mode the same way you get to the night theme, which is through the font formatting menu.

These new features in iBooks are certainly a welcome treat for nocturnal readers. Now you do not need to squint your eyes anymore when reading your favorite e-books in the dark. You can now download this new version of iBooks for free in the Appstore.

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