Magic 8 Ball App Review

Do you have problems making up your mind? Then this new iPhone app is perfect for you! Say goodbye to your problems with indecisiveness using the Magic 8 Ball app from Mattel. Yes, the world famous toy (and oracle to some) has now found its way to the iPhone in this new app.

This app is basically what you think it is, a handy-dandy decision making aid. Just like the toy, you ask the Magic 8 Ball a question that is answerable by yes or no and then you shake the device, or if you are too busy to shake your iPhone you can just touch anywhere on the screen. After a few moments of sparkling fairy dust and magic incantations the screen will display the answer to your query. And just like the Magic 8 Ball toy, the app will give you a definitive yes or no, and it can also give you a vague answer.

The graphics is reminiscent of the box that the Magic 8 Ball toys came in, different shades of purple swirled together to give a cartoon like background, and the eight-ball is not really realistic-looking. But graphics is not really important in this app, the important thing is that it works just like the real toy.

The Magic 8 Ball app is actually a very good virtual copy of the original toy, but unlike the toy you can share the results you got from the app via your Facebook or Twitter account. Now you can tell the whole world about how you used the Magic 8 Ball in choosing which clothes to wear today, so it's not entirely your fault why you came to work dressed like a clown, or why you should not be hanged from the rafter by your thumbs for buying a pink sofa set for your living room.

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