Let Me Out iOS Game Review

Who would have ever have thought that some simple principles of physics like figuring out angles of deflection and factoring in loss of momentum would have made a fun game? Well apparently the folks down at Chillingo did, and they came up with another entertaining physics-based iOS game that will surely take up a lot of your free time.

In Let Me Out, you help a cute little dragon get out of a book that has sucked him in by blasting him out of a cannon, bouncing him off wooden planks, and shooting him inside a wormhole; yes, Chillingo's games are not really known for their story lines. Basically you place various kinds of surfaces all around the screen so that the hero will bounce around in the right directions, avoiding traps like electric shock pads and water hazards along the way to get to the next stage.

The environments are very well-done, the cartoon-y graphics are reminiscent of Chillingo's other successful physics-based game Cut the Rope, but the main character does not have the same kind of charm that Om Nom had, even though he does a cute dance every time you complete a stage. The game play is simple as well, you just drag some parts and place them in the right location so your little dragon friend will bounce around in the right directions that will ultimately lead him to the black hole.

If you are a big fan of physics-based games then Let Me Out is a welcome addition to your little collection, well actually this is a game that will be welcome in just about anybody's app collection. Times have really changed if there is actually a game that makes physics really fun, makes you regret not paying enough attention during physics class in high school don't it?

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