Is Siri Pro-Life?

Is Siri anti-abortion? There has been quite a lot of hubbub regarding the stand of the popular voice recognition AI of the new iPhone 4S: pro-choice groups claim that they have found evidence that anti-abortion groups have influenced the making of Siri.

As you know Siri is a virtual assistant integrated in the new iPhone 4s, just ask her anything you want and she will give you a pretty accurate answer to your query, or so it seems. Pro-choice groups found out that when you ask Siri for directions for the nearest abortion clinic, you are instead pointed in the direction of anti-abortion establishments like counseling centers and such. Now is this a deliberate attack by Apple on the pro-choice groups? Or is it just a coincidence?

The truth is that this story about Siri not finding any abortion clinics in New York City is only due to the fact that Siri has limited information resources to process such requests. If you were to ask Siri for directions to the nearest place you can get Danish clogs, or a full body spandex suit, then it may not even understand what it is you are talking about. Apple says that you will find plenty of bugs like this with Siri because the service is still in its beta stage, but iPhone 4s owners need not worry too much because the good folks at Apple are already working on improvements.

So is Siri anti-abortion, ethno-racist, conservative voice recognition software? This conspiracy theory really is intriguing, but sadly it just is not really true. Siri can do a lot of things but still not everything, not yet anyway. So if you are looking for a local abortion clinic then you should just do it the old-fashioned way, by entering a search query in Google.

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