Infinity Blade II – The Epitome of iOS Gaming

It's finally here! The sequel to the most beautiful game in the iPhone is finally released, Infinity Blade II. The game starts off where the first game ended, right after you defeat the God King. Now you are on a journey to unlock the secrets and mystery of the Infinity Blade.

Just like in the first Infinity Blade, the sequel will blast your senses with incredible visuals. The environments are very well-made, the textures, shadows and lights show a very remarkable improvement from the first game. And when played on the iPhone 4 and 4s you will truly find out what the retina display can actually do for your gaming experience. Infinity Blade II proves that iOS gaming is not all about 2-dimensional plants, undead beings, and infuriated avian.

But the visuals are not the only improvement in Infinity Blade II, you can now choose from 3 different sword fighting styles. You can use a sword and shield, pummel enemies using two-handed weapons, and you can also use dual wield weapons for dishing out furious combos. There are now multiple storylines that you can follow in the game, and each of them leads to a different type of final boss, thus giving Infinity Blade II extreme re-playability.

Since the game is still in its infancy, there are still some issues with Infinity Blade II. The most prominent problem plaguing the game right now is that it crashes when used with older devices like the first generation iPad. But the developers are promising that a fix is on the away and that they will be able to enjoy playing the game soon.

So if you are hankering for your fix of medieval swordplay and good old-fashioned head bashing, then you will want to give the new Infinity Blade II a try.

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